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Chinese EV suppliers plan side doors into U.S. market

Chinese battery companies critical to electric vehicles are pursuing deals with U.S. free-trade partners South Korea and Morocco, seeking to tap growing demand in America and bypass rules aimed at shutting them out of the market, reported the Wall Street Journal on October 12...

05 2023.12
How long do EVs last?

Nobody knows the average lifespan of an EV, because they haven't been around long enough to tell. The first EV produced in any significant volume (Tesla Model S) was launched in 2012...

14 2023.11
Is there anywhere to charge your EV?

About 80 percent of EV owners charge their cars at home—in their garages or driveways, or sometimes the shared parking lots and garages of their apartment buildings or condo complexes. The upside is that pretty much every morning, your car is juiced up and ready to go...

13 2023.11
Will an EV have enough range?

For most people, most EVs can handle daily drives, no problem. According to the Electric Vehicle Database, a typical new all-electric vehicle (aka battery electric vehicle or BEV) has a real-world range of about 218 miles...

08 2023.11
EV Chargers: Everything you need to know about plugging in at home

Charging your EV at home can be pretty simple—you might not even need to buy or install any special equipment...

02 2023.11

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